Progress Update: Off track, but getting back on…today!



I am way off track with my food plan these days.  I’ve promised to be honest, up-front, and transparent with you.

So I just have to tell you:  I have been in failure mode the past several days.

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Save Money — Eat In !

Eat-In Event

The idea of eating in appeals to me — a great deal.  I was surfing the web today and came across this page.  I am not supporting any cause here — except for eating IN instead of eating out.

My family spends a good share of our monthly budget on restaurant meals.  When you add up all the cash spent and debit card transactions, it’s pretty scary!

Again, I don’t know anything about Dr. Hyman, but I love the idea of eating in.  My family is going to start a new habit where we PLAN our meals and skip the pricey eating out routine.  It’s crazy!


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Big Taco Salad is Huge Success


Salads are a big part of my weekly food plan.  And, thankfully, there are many variations on a theme.

The Taco Salad is a great example.  While my family is stuffing taco shells and tortillas with taco-seasoned meat, I’m using it as a topping for a whopping big salad.  The salad shown above is a big one.  It’s certainly enough food for two.

Although you probably can’t tell from the photo, the salad bowl is much larger than the standard salad or soup bowl that comes with your run-of-the-mill dinner ware.  I took a big liking to the salad bowls they use at Paradise Bakery and Cafe.  The bowls are big enough that you can actually ‘toss’ your salad right in the serving bowl.  A smart idea.

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Food Prep Tip: Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetable Wash

Rinsing your fruit and vegetables prior to cooking or eating them may not be enough.  Many times, produce companies add a coating of food-grade wax to vegetables to help preserve freshness.

The wax also makes them look nice in the produce section of your grocery store.

Wax on. Wax off.

I don’t care if it’s food grade or not.  It’s nasty.  And I am not going to eat it.

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How to Eat Paleo when Dining Out

Eating out scares people that are on a diet.  I’m here to tell you that you can do it — with ease.  Check out these suggestions.

Primary Hamburger Counter


Salads?  Sure.  A chef salad is a perfect option, but you might also consider a take a basic dinner salad to the next level by adding some strips of fajita chicken or steak if possible.  Make sure you ask your server to leave off the shredded cheese and croutons.

Short of pouring oil + vinegar on your salad (how long has the oil and vinegar been in those little glass containers anyhow?  They never look too clean to me) your best choice for dressing is Italian.  Ranch would be a second choice.  Other varieties have too much sugar in them to be on your ‘good food’ list.

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My Paleo Food Arsenal

Here’s a list of approved food you might find at my house on any given day.  To make my plan work, I have to have some basic food items in my Paleo food arsenal.

Remember:  if you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail.  It’s true.

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New Recipe: Paleo Goulash

Paleo Goulash - topped with sliced Jalapeno peppers and black olives.  Yum! Yum!


You’ll need:

Large, deep skillet [mine was a 4.5 quart-size (4.3L)].  It measures 10-1/2 inches in diameter and is 3-1/2 inches deep.  If you don’t have a skillet that large, then use a dutch oven or stock pot because this recipes makes 4-6 large servings of Paleo goulash.

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Baked Chicken. Roasted Asparagus. Big Salad. Delicious.

Lunch 04.28.2012

Lunch was absolutely delicious today.

My wife baked chicken [with lemon-pepper] and roasted asparagus.  The rest of the family also had potato wedges with olive oil and herbs.  I opted for a big salad [lettuce mix + tomatoes + mushrooms + hard-boiled egg + olive oil and vinegar dressing] instead.

I used Ina’s recipe for the asparagus.  So easy.  So good.

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My “Go-To” Breakfast Meal: Microwave Egg Creation

  Microwave Egg Creation with mushrooms and radishes

This is, by far, my favorite breakfast meal.  There are lots of variations to it, so I can change things up a bit and not get bored.

Here’s the basic recipe.  You can add ham, bacon, or mushrooms (like I did this morning).  Just get a little creative with it.

Radishes pack a big flavor punch and I love them.  The earthy flavor of the mushrooms paired with the radishes is a fantastic way to start the day.

I’ve found that key to a great breakfast starts with planning.  Gotta make sure you have the ingredients in the house.

Four steps for a success program:

  • Plan
  • Go Food Shopping*
  • Cook
  • Eat

A Whole Foods Market is coming to my area later this year.  I am VERY excited.  Now, if we could get a Trader Joe’s around here, I’d be a VERY happy caveman.  Ugga Bugga!

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First Meal Back on the Ultra-Low Carb Diet :: Salad from Subway


I’m back on the plan.

This was meal number one on the ultra-low-carb (almost Paleo) diet plan that has worked so well for me in the past.

I’m looking forward to more great meals.

I can loose some serious weight.  The high-protein / low-carb diet doesn’t give me the bloated feeling I get with carb-y foods.  And my energy level will be much higher.  It always is when I eat the right foods.

Maybe I’ll even start running again!

Ok, one step at a time.

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